Water Hygiene

Legionella Control

Whilst it is impossible to guarantee that a system is free from Legionella Bacterium, it is possible to significantly reduce and risk factors that would contribute to proliferation in water systems, through proactive monitoring of system conditions and efficient reaction to deterioration in control parameters.

Legionella water hygiene risk assessment and
schematic drawings

The purpose of a water hygiene risk assessment is to understand the design, installation and condition of a water system, as well as assessing how well risks on site are being managed. Our trained risk assessors can offer a full risk assessment service as well as schematic drawings based on the information gathered.

Water hygiene monitoring, log book and reporting

In order to manage a site, we can provide bespoke water hygiene log books, which contain all the information required to document system conditions. It is imperative to understand what is being achieved on site and how systems are working. The log book will help to understand what is required and will provide a plan of action for the site.

Planned analytical service visits

We have a chemical engineering team on hand to carry out Planned Analytical services. Analytical services can test for a multitude of chemicals, additives and other contaminants that cause issues within the water system. Analytical services can also provide important information about the way the systems work and with the help of the chemical engineering team allow you to work with your systems parameters.
We also look for sustainability and best practices.

Microbiological sampling

For Water to be considered safe to drink or use, it needs to be tested for a range of microbiological and chemical parameters.
A wide range of contaminants / bacteria and pathogens can cause waterborne / airborne infections, by sampling and monitoring water systems, this is the a useful way of spotting changes and trends and highlighting where there are issues such as Ecoli, Legionella, Coliforms, Psuedomonas Aueriginosa, TVC’s and many more.
Also for water to be deemed safe to drink there may be other tests required, this could be heavy metals, pesticides, organic compounds and any risk of possible contamination from these.
As such and due to strict guidelines, Lakeside offer a wide range of sampling services either in house of via a UKAS Accredited laboratory for a wide range of tests.


Lakeside Water have a bespoke reporting tool to allow clients to view all tasks as they are completed with full detail.
We are happy to discuss any portal requirements

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