When you purchase either a Lakeside water softener or water filter or another branded product, there is always a small amount of servicing or maintenance required, this could be a filter change or merely salt replenishment, each system has its own maintenance requirements.

To ensure that the water softener or filter system that you have purchased to protect your home is kept in it’s very best condition possible and that your water softener or filter system will give you years of trouble free service, we would recommend that the system is serviced on a regular basis, the frequency of which depends on the machine purchased and how your using it, but we are here to assist you with any queries you may have and to help you decide what is best for your application.

At Lakeside ensuring that you fully understand your machine and how to use it is very important to us and therefore we are happy to answer any questions you have.

We offer such a wide range of services including:

  • Water softener service, sterilisation, replacement spares, resin, reconditioning, and water quality checks.
  • Drinking water filters, sterilisation, replacement cartridges and water quality checks.
  • Reverse osmosis systems, sterilisation, replacement cartridges and membranes and water quality checks.
  • Ultra violet systems and bulbs.
  • Fridge and cooler filters, sterilisation, replacement cartridges and water quality checks.
  • Aquatic Filters, Carbons / Resins & Cartridges.

We have a team ready and waiting to visit you and can offer a pre planned visit on a schedule basis or simply arrange a one off visit but most importantly what’s convenient to you. Our team understand and have knowledge of most water softener and filters systems and will advise accordingly.

We keep stocks of Autotrol and Fleck valves, filters, spares, salt and other accessories so that we can assist your requirements quickly and efficiently.

We also offer a delivery and postal service for cartridges and salt and will delivery quantities of salt nationally to your door.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to service a water softener?

Usually it takes approximately 1 hour to ensure that all of the cycles are working correctly and make sure the system is totally serviced. It may also take a slightly longer time if you have the machine sterilised.

Which Softeners Do You Service and Where?

We offer a national service on almost all makes and models but some of the brands listed below are the more typical softeners that we see on a regular basis

Autotrol, Bruner, Clack, Fleck, Erie and Siata, Waterboss, Microboss , Culligan, Liff, Aquadial, Monarch, Four Winds, Kinetico, Non Electrical Water Softeners, Crown, Harveys, Twin Tech, Non Electrical Water Softeners, Lakeside Water Softeners all models including the bubbly, simply soft, salt saver and Eversoft, Ecowater, Permutit, Kingfisher, No salt water softener, East Midlands, Waterking sentry, Kind water, Electric water softeners, Ewatec , Fisher & Paykel Dishdrawer Whole House Softener, Solartwin Softener, B&Q Softeners, Calmag, Pallas Duo and Maxi, Homesoft, Watermaid, Erie and many more.

If I have a problem with my water softener – what should I do?

We would normally recommend that you call us as soon as you notice or experience any problems, however in the event that you need to, we would recommend you bypass the water softener either by calling us on 01487 815914 and we will talk you through it or alternately if you are certain about your plumbing pipework, we would recommend that you close the inlet valve, close the outlet valve and gently open the bypass valve and switch off electricity to the machine via the plug point, this may not be suitable for all installations and therefore it is best to check your pipework thoroughly first.
After bypassing the machine, we would recommend you also check to make sure that you have water still running through the building.

What Salt Should I use?

We highly recommend the use of British Salt Products, not just because they are manufactured in this country and are readily available from us but also they are manufactured to a very high standard and have been used domestically and commercially without complication for many years. If your machine states that you should only use Granular, we would suggest Granulite (see our salt page).
If your machine states that you can use tablet, we recommend Aquasol and if your machine is non electrical or uses block, the Aquasol comes in block form too. Again these are on our salt page).
We deliver all British Salt products to homes nationally.

How Often should my filter be replaced?

We would recommend either a 3 or 6 monthly cartridge change depending upon the system you have and what you’re using it for, again we would also recommend sterilisation. We would always suggest that you call us for further advice.

How often should I replace the membrane in my reverse osmosis system?

If you are in a hard water area, the membrane in a domestic system will usually last up to 18 months, however in a soft water area the membrane can last up to 5 years. There is a very easy way to check if your membrane needs to be changed, however we usually recommend an engineers visit to do this.

Can I get a regular filter sent to me by post as I want to change it myself?

Of course, we can do this for you; we are here to make your life a bit simpler and will often suggest the easiest maintenance filter so that you can do it yourself. On Our Lakeside range - The rapid system is the quickest change filter we have and is highly reliable. Call us with your specific filter type and model to see if we hold the cartridges or membranes in stock?

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