Lakeside Rentals
& Extended
Warranty Options

At Lakeside we like to give our customers options and we find that very often our customers would like to try before buying or rental

With this in mind we have a rental scheme in place whereby a customer can rent the system from us, this has proved to be very successful with a large database of rental customers who all enjoy the luxury of Lakeside softened water.

Rentals are taken over 36 month period on a rent to buy scheme. Lakeside will install commission and service the unit during the rental period.

The rent to buy scheme means that the customer can decide during their 36 months that they can purchase the softener or Filter system at any time; this allows the customer the flexibility of knowing that if they are happy with the product that they can purchase it.

When the rental ends the customer then has the choice to end the rental, enter into a further rental or purchase the system. It couldn’t be easier or more flexible.

Call Our Sales team to discuss your options

Products available for Rental Include

  • Lakeside - L300 Download
  • Lakeside - M2 Mini Max Download
  • Lakeside - Kinetico 2020C Download
  • Lakeside - Kinetico B
  • Lakeside - Merlin Reverse Osmosis Download

  • Lakeside - Simply Soft 14 Timeclock Download
  • Lakeside - Salt Saver 14 Metered Download
  • Lakeside - Waterlight X RO Download

  • Lakeside - Simply Soft 10 Timeclock
  • Lakeside - Salt Saver 10 Metered
  • Lakeside - Economy Chem Filter

Rental Trial – Should a client wish to try before renting, we offer a 3 month trial period during this time payments would be deferred.

Extended Warranty.

For peace of mind Lakeside offer an extended warranty scheme. This is for new equipment purchased and installed through Lakeside. Contact Our Sales team to discuss your options.

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