When you are looking to purchase either a Lakeside water softener or water filter or another branded product, there is always installation involved, each system has its own installation requirements and all systems are usually supplied with user Friendly instructions.

Choosing the correct model ?

To ensure that the water softener or filter system that you are interested in is installed correctly and is compatible for your system we recommend that you contact our sales team and arrange for a site visit.

We carry out Free no obligation site surveys and follow this up with a written report and quotation.

It is important that the system you choose works with your home and your family and therefore this survey is very useful as we will ask you how you wish to use the system and what you want to get out of it. Experience has taught us that systems change and are updated regularly, what may be correct today may not necessarily be correct tomorrow, so we will also ask you about your future plans; it could be that you’re considering changing your boiler or perhaps you are looking to move…

With this in mind we can create a bespoke system that will work with your existing and perhaps new applications, don’t forget water softener and water filters have a long life and therefore will hopefully service your home for a long time.

We manufacture and install our own range of products but also offer installation services nationally for other water treatment products; we have installed some of the following ranges:

  • Autotrol
  • Bruner
  • Clack
  • Fleck
  • Erie and Siata
  • Waterboss
  • Microboss
  • Culligan
  • Liff
  • Aquadial
  • Monarch
  • Four Winds
  • Kinetico
  • Non Electrical Water Softeners
  • Crown
  • Harveys
  • Twin Tech
  • Non Electrical Water Softeners
  • Lakeside Water Softeners all models including the bubbly, simply soft, salt saver and Eversoft
  • Ecowater
  • Permutit
  • Kingfisher
  • No salt water softener
  • East Midlands
  • Waterking sentry
  • Kind water
  • Electric water softeners
  • Ewatec
  • Fisher & Paykel Dishdrawer Whole House Softener
  • Solartwin Softener
  • B&Q Softeners
  • Calmag
  • Pallas Duo and Maxi
  • Homesoft
  • Watermaid
  • Erie
  • and many more.

We also install commercial and industrial systems Fridge and cooler filters, sterilisation, replacement cartridges and water quality checks.

We have a team ready and waiting to visit you and can offer a pre planned visit on a schedule basis or simply arrange a one off visit but most importantly what’s convenient to you. Our team understand and have knowledge of most water softener and filters systems and will advise accordingly.

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Commercial Water Softeners

Commercial Water Softeners