Commercial Products Page

  • Lakeside offer complete water systems
  • Commercial, Industrial & Domestic Environments
  • Specialist Design & Build
  • Turnkey Projects including commissioning and training


  • Dosage and control equipment
  • A full range of electronic dosing pumps
  • A full range of steam boiler dosing and control systems including sample coolers
  • A full range of cooling water control equipment to fully automate dosing of inhibitors, biocides and bleed off
  • Closed systems dosing pots
  • Chlorine dioxide dosing systems

Pre-treatment Plant

  • Water softeners Commercial & Domestic
  • Including Dealer Products & Spares Kinetico, Ecowater, Waterboss
  • Reverse osmosis purifiers Commercial & Domestic
  • Dealk and demineralisation systems
  • Filters of various types for a variety of applications including cooling system filters
  • Closed system side stream filtration

Testing equipment & Chemicals

  • A full range of chemical testing equipment and reagents for water treatment monitoring
  • A full range of boiler water treatment chemicals
  • A full range of cooling water treatment chemicals
  • A selection of closed heating and chiller system chemicals
  • Chemicals for pre-commissioning cleaning
  • Resin treatments for pre-treatment plants
  • Salt Delivery For Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Clients

Specialist Equipment

Vacuum Drainage

Whiffaway Waterless Urinals


Branded Softeners Kinetico, Ecowater, Waterboss, Minimax M2 Branded Filters, Ametek, Aqualyze, Kinetico, Ecowater

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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