Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been put together to explain how we use the information that we have collated about yourself or your company through trading / working or supplying or other interaction with Lakeside Water and Building Services Limited over the last 20 years of their trading. Please be assured that we use this information for legitimate purposes only.
We will regularly review our privacy policy to ensure that it is upto date with the current legislation and guidance. You can request a copy at any time. We may from time to time send you an updated copy.

Our Privacy Policy covers the following aspects

  • What information we hold
  • How that information is used
  • How we keep and access and update that information
  • Cookies
  • How you can contact us if you have a complaint
  • Escalation Procedure

What information we hold
In general interaction with yourself at sometime in the past when you may have expressed an interest in our products and services or supplied us with goods or services or worked with us, we would have taken details from you either verbally, by email, by post, by website interest or order when you contacted us online or signed up with our website, via social media or by you filling in forms or verbal communication with staff during seminars or when we have exhibited our services or products or working internally or supplying us with goods and services.

How that information is used
We collect the information about yourself or your company to be able to process orders, invoice, create sales orders or job tickets, process and update your account and any contract you have with us, keep you informed on the progress of the works and services that we are offering you and also to update you on any health, safety, warranty details and special offers of products and services that we are currently offering, process purchase orders or payroll In addition we will contact you from time to time to ensure that the products we have provided or supplied to us are serviced and up to date with the maintenance regime that they need to keep them working safely and correctly. We may share your information internally with other companies linked to Lakeside Water and Building Services Limited that are part of the Lakeside group of companies linked via directors and shareholders and we may share your data to our supply chain where deliveries or services are being provided directly by them as part of completion of an order where goods are required to come from a supplier directly to fulfil an order and a legitimate reason to fulfil your requirement only as part of your interaction with Lakeside water. Lakeside water may keep your information upto 10 years after the end of any contract obligation or longer if required for legal or legitimate purposes. Other than the above legitimate reasons Lakeside water will not share your information.

How we keep and access and update that information
Lakeside water have client/ supplier and employee files in data and paper format for each person or company that we have interaction with and it is your right to be able to get a copy of any information that we hold for you on our portal or secure servers. You can have the information corrected should the information be found to be incorrect in any way and should you wish to make updates or add any information, you can call us on 01733 245032 or email or write to us at Lakeside Water Data Team. Unit 6 Enterprise Court, Eagle Business Park, Yaxley. PE7 3GR. If you would like to enclose an email address so that we can confirm that the changes have been made, Lakeside will respond back within 30 days of your request unless there are exceptional circumstances. We will provide the information to be supplied to you in a readable format.
In general terms, the information we have on yourself is collated and updated as works are carried out or we provided products and services to yourself. Lakeside water will only use this information for legitimate purposes. Should you request us to do so and there is no legal reason why the information is required under law, we will remove your information on request.

Should you use our website. Cookies are text files placed on your computer to collect information that is standard website information and provides user data for the visit. This information is used to show statistics on the website activity. For Further information visit
If you do not wish to accept cookies the link above will give you guidance on how to remove them from your web browser.

How you can contact us if you have a complaint
You have rights and can contact us at any time to have your details removed as stated above.
If you have any concerns in how we are storing your data or what we are storing, you can contact us by email to Or write to us at Lakeside Water Data Team, Unit 6 Enterprise Court, Eagle Business Park, Yaxley. PE7 3GR.
If you are not happy with the response you receive you are able to escalate your complaint to the ICO

You can contact the ICO Information Commissioners Office or telephone 0303 123 113