Series E - Pumped Residential Systems

Series E was designed for applications where feed water pressure is very low or where the source water contains higher than normal amounts of dissolved solids. Our advanced design allows the source water to pass through a sediment filter before the booster pump. This process avoids pump valve clogging caused by sediment particals. Also the pump is mounted behind the membrane housing for space saving.

System tested and certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 58

Ref. No.





3 Stage 25 USGpd inc permeate pump



4 Stage 25 USGpd inc feed pump


TGI-525P 5 Stage 25 USGpd inc feed pump 503.00
TGI-535P 5 Stage 35 USGpd inc feed pump 524.50
TGI-550P 5 Stage 50 USGpd inc feed pump 632.30
TGI-625UP 6 Stage 25 USGpd inc feed pump UV 439.00
TGI-625UPDX 6 Stage 25 USGpd inc pump UVSS 484.90

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