Series POU - Point Office Use Reverse Osmosis Coolers

The Series POU from TGI are much more convenient and economical than buying bottled water. No need to lift heavy bottled water or wait for bottled water deliveries. With this system, it not only converts tap water directly into safe drinking water within your own office, but also provides abundant supply of fresh drinking water.

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POU-425 4 Stage Cooler 25 Gpd Cook-Cold 849.00
POU-425H 4 Stage Cooler 25 Gpd Tri Temp 1015.00
POU-425HP 4 Stage Cooler 25 Gpd Tri Temp/Pump 1171.00
POU-425P 4 Stage Cooler 25 Gpd Cook-Cold/Pump 1005.00

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